Whale Watching Hermanus Blog

Whale Watching Hermanus blog - I’m Jessica and I will be taking you through a series of educational and fun articles which will be designed to give you a deeper understanding of whale watching hermanus and Walker Bay’s beautiful coast and the many creatures sheltered here, many of which you may be fortunate enough to come face to face with on The Ivanhoe.

I am a graphic designer, equestrian, and writer from Cape Town, and I am passionate about the natural world and its conservation. Ever since I was a child, I have harboured a deep connection with our earth and her creatures – always seeing limitless beauty and detail around me in places where others might see only a tree, a stream, a rock. My mission as a writer and creative is to allow you, the reader, a glimpse at this world, and this is why I am so incredibly excited to start this blog and share this journey with you. Together we will be exploring everything from the courtship of our gentle Southern Right Whales to the hunting behaviour of the mighty Great White shark, and all the while we will be addressing the importance of conservation and highlighting ways that you can make a difference.

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